Small Acre Stewardship

The Small Acre Stewardship workshop series provides information on various resource management concerns for landowners of 5-20 acres.

Livestock and Land

The Livestock and Land program provides information and technical assistance for resource management of small livestock facilities. See for more information.


Annual Garden Tour

The Annual Garden Tour is held every spring to showcase conservation gardens in our community. Site owners are available to discuss the pros and cons of their conservation efforts. Please check the workshop page for next scheduled tour. 


Farmland in San Benito County

Irrigation Water Management

Irrigation water management encourages the application of water in an amount that

meets the need of the growning plant in a manner that avoids extended soil saturation

and runoff.  By increasing application precision and reducing unneeded application,

water can be conserved and energy can be saved.



Irrigation Evaluations

The Irrigation Mobile Lab is a service that provides on-site evaluations of individual irrigation systems.  Based on these evaluations, a mobile lab technician can work with growers to develop irrigation water management plans tailored to their individual needs.  The plans include recommendations to improve system performance, such as developing a maintenance plan and revising irrigation schedules.  Through this service, growers learn to operate their systems more effectively and save water in the process. Not available at this time.